Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project life March 11-17

I sure had fun with this week and ALL the green!
This particular cut is from the silhouette site, it was actually one of my first cuts and sort of a test...I had them lying on my desk and thought I had better use them!:
 These cuts were free from Daniela Dobson:

1. yep, my hubby spoiled me early for Mother's day by buying me a Blendtec--LOVE that machine--makes healthy smoothies, ice cream AND soup!
2. the negatives of the shamrocks--can't throw those away!
3. this actually said March 17 at the top but my picture was to big and I wanted the shamrocks to show.
THANK you Daniela for these great cuts, if you were curious--click on her name it will take it to the FREE cuts.  They are already sized to fit Project Life!
This last week was VERY hectic so today I will spend time doing a bit of journaling.  Thank goodness we have an up to date calendar--this week went by in a FLASH, but we had very exciting things happen.  STAY tuned!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Funny March 30....

here is your weekly installment:
Source: Found HERE
yes, I had to blow it up!
Have a FABULOUS Friday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fabulous 400...

*Warning this a proud MaMa post*
yesterday was ms. A's first track meet of the season, she did well.  Even though we had a little of this:

stinker--still placed first.  I was surprised she stayed up!
Then there was a little of this:
her step was off by a toe, she'll get it--she placed 2nd.
She also ran the first leg in the 4 x100, the girls ran well, they took 1st:

but the race that I wanted to talk about was the last of the meet, 4 x 400.  The 400 is a HARD race, you are sprinting for a whole lap.  (my girl was running the anchor or last leg of this race)  You have to be some kind of crazy to run this race, I remember having a love/hate thing going on with it.  You feel good for about the first 250 meters, that last 150 is a BEAR, you want to DIE--RIGHT there.  You can hardly breathe, your vision is a little wonky, your legs well--there shot.  All you have left are your arms, it's almost magical how when you pump your arms your legs respond--almost like a puppet.  That last 150 right before you run in front of the stands is lonely--there is USUALLY no one there to yell for you--you have to do this bit on your own.....

My girl she is quiet, not necessarily shy--just quiet--much like her dad.  What I found out after the race is that my girl, told the anchor of the other team that if she was in front she would do ANYTHING to catch her.  BRAZEN--YES.  When she told me I wondered what had possessed her.  Then I realized what HAD possessed her.  It was the same thing that had DRIVEN me and MY mother AND my brothers.  The need to win at ANY cost (fairly of course!), to dig down SO deep you didn't even know where the extra came from.

The race began.  The girl that ran the first leg for our school hadn't run track before and she did a GREAT job of keeping the girl from the other team within about 5 meters.  I was standing at the last 100 (my favorite place to stand to "remind" the runners that they have arms and they should pump them.  It's also a great place for that last shot.  that face of pure--I've-given-all-I-have-and-I-wanna-die.)  My friend and I yelled at her to pump her arms--she looked over at us like WHO ARE YOU?  We yelled EVEN more.
The second leg girl, well...she is a distance runner, not a sprinter and lost a WHOLE lot of ground.  The third leg girl gets the baton and begins to run--she did well gaining back about 5 meters.  Then she hands off to my girl.   The space between the runners is an ALMOST impossible distance (there has been some debate over the actual length, I will just say it was about 150 meters) My girl takes off sprinting,  at about 250 meters I notice something--she is actually GAINING on the girl!  I start yelling my guts out (my family tells me I am loud and embarrassing, which well...I am!  The kids from the other team that were standing a long the fence confirmed that by looking at me--I don't care!)  My girl is still running comfortably-still gaining, she hits the last curve and just seems to eat up the distance in nothing flat.  (the other girl was STILL running, and NO she wasn't jogging. The kids along the fence from her team were yelling helpful things like--"run faster because she is going to catch you!"  I took one look at her face and realized there was NO more gas left in her tank.)  I think my girl's team realized about the same time I did that she had a chance to WIN the race!  They started screaming their heads off!  She hit the line of the last 100 and she was at the shoulder of the girl, she then passed the girl using EVERY ounce of energy and finished 5 meters AHEAD!
(I have NO idea how I kept my camera still for these shots, I was screaming SO much!)  
I tell this story for a few reasons.  This is MY blog and I want to, this moment was one we want to remember, and lastly this is NOT a normal occurrence.  You see in ALL my time running track I've only ever seen that come from behind and win scenario a HANDFUL of times.  It was INCREDIBLE!  And yes, I even yelled, "that was MY girl!"  The other team's kids REALLY looked at me then--again--I don't care!
Mr. Hubby and I have been telling this girl that she is a 400 runner, she didn't want to believe us, well yesterday PROVED that she is.  BONUS, she shaved 7 seconds off of her time!  7 seconds!  Now that the fire is in her blood she wants to beat my times--GOOD, gives her something to strive for!  (I'm all about setting realistic goals...)
After the competition was all over we went over to her coaches to check her out to take her home.  There is a new coach who was saying how impressed she was of my quiet/competitive girl.  "She can jump, run, hurdle--she's pretty brave."  I looked at her and asked her if she knew what my girl's nickname was.  Neither coach knew.  I said, "it's Psycho.  and I gave her that name."  they nodded their heads in agreement (either that it was fitting OR that I was insane for giving my child that nickname.)  
It was a good day.  Yes, I was proud of my girl.  She put her WHOLE self into what she was doing, she knows FULL well that it doesn't ALWAYS work out that way.  But today, we will take the win. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

thank you....

another set of cards I made for the auction last Friday:
some closeups:
 These flowers were cut with my silhouette cameo...LOVED these closeups so you could see some of the wonderful dimension on these flowers...

Monday, March 26, 2012

daydreamer sneak..

want to see what April brings at Scrapbook Circle?  check out these sneaks:

Great mix of stuff! :)  Stay tuned for the fun! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday

Remember I said I liked flowers? I love to add them to most anything.  Using my cameo I cut out the flowers seen on the cards that follow.
some closeups of the distressed edges (notice the stitching?)
 I used scraps from my stash (they coincidentally match AND they are Basic Grey which I hoard)  I love the bright vibrant colors!
The brads came from somewhere I "believe" they are from Basic Grey, brads are another thing that I hoard--I know I'm crazy that I like to open the drawer and look at the pretty embellishments and paper NOT wanting to use it.  I'm trying to do better! :)
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Life March 4-11

I'm catching up! :)  I had a lot of fun with project life this week pulling several cuts from my cameo--it was also a fun week because there was field day and a birthday:There is a filler in the middle, it's the program from my daughter's concert which is also pictured above in an instagram photo...
I have to say my printer was acting up and printing HORRIBLE pictures, now it's doing fine--stupid thing!  Don't you hate that?  I don't like wasting ink because it's expensive and I don't like waiting for pictures because then my week gets postponed and then the fun is taken out of creating....sorry, I'll get off my soap box now!
here is a few of some of my cuts:
 I backed this one with a piece of Dear Lizzy that was sitting on my desk.  I also cut down the sides to make it smaller...
This card has three cuts, the tab, border and blue piece ( it was from a flower I had cut and looked interesting...)  I love the look of the cuts.  This strip of lined paper is actually the bottom of the paper from My Mind's eye--another scrap from one of my kits lying around.....
the star was also cut from my cameo--I REALLY like stars, butterflies, and flowers but NOT circles....ANYWAY! :)
Today is going to be a whirlwind of activity 2 soccer games,  baby shower, pinewood derby and the Young Woman broadcast (have to figure out what to feed the boys....)  Wish me luck! :)
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Funny March 23...

*from yesterday's post: the girl LOVED the shirt AND the movie was GREAT!  Followed the book VERY closely.  So glad I got to go and spend some fun time with my family & friends!*

So I've decided that Fridays on my blog are going to be days where I share something that makes me laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine right--why don't we share it?  Here is the first installment.

This make me laugh EVERY time:
from pinterest: can't find the source I pinned it from someone...

Enjoy your Friday...Thanks for the visit!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

all ready to go--Hunger Games here we come!

I've been busy.  yesterday I created something that I think my girl is going to LOOOVE!  You see tonight we are headed to see the midnight showing of Hunger Games!  I'm pretty excited I know my girl is BEYOND excited.  Monday we bought our tickets:

Yesterday's TOP SECRET project:
close up of the sleeve:
For those of you that know the book you will understand the symbols.  If you haven't read the books--why not?! :)
I'm going to surprise my girl with this tonight RIGHT before we leave!  My hubby is SO cute he wants to see the reaction on her face...

I cut these with my cameo!  REALLY loving this machine.  I learned a few things that you want to do or be aware of when cutting with heat transfer vinyl:
1. adjust your rollers.
2. when cutting make sure that your image is between the adjusted rollers.
3. when loading your vinyl MAKE SURE that the shiny plastic is on the bottom and the dull side is to the top!
4. clamp it down.
5. when cutting your vinyl MAKE SURE that you have REVERSED the image!

yes, I screwed up this 15 minute project a FEW times, it ended up taking me 2 1/2 hours--really?!  That being said I LOVE how it all turned out.  I even made me one (of course I am completely out of silver vinyl....)
I'm a little leery of being up WAY past my bed time, but I think it will be fun!  I think I'm going to go start packing tomorrow's lunches right now--I have no idea how coherent I will be in the morning!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

as you wish....

(LOVE Princess Bride!)  Here are another two cards that will be up for auction on Friday....
I can't decide which color choice I like better!  I LOVE this cut from the cameo SO intricate and it didn't tare...yes, I was using scraps from the past Scrapbook Circle kits.

I had the best time with my stickles--LOVE me some bling on my birthday cards (they look SO much better in person)....

 thanks for the visit today--off to finish up last weeks PL....

Monday, March 19, 2012

well hello!!

School is back in session, back to our regular schedule--Spring Break was fun--the kids said it was long and wished it wouldn't have ended....silly children!  I did happen to manage some creative time to finish up the cards I donated to our YW auction.  I'll bring them to you in sets and in NO particular order,
yes, I used my cameo for these babies:

The background I resized to fit the front of this card.  it took FOREVER to cut (seems like it) and about 30 minutes to poke out the parts--but I LOVE it!  The papers in the back ground are scraps (basic grey) cut to fit the card....
this one I decided to mist the background AND the butterfly--it's AWESOME! (also a cut from my cameo)
 gems: Kaiser
stamp: Hero Arts
mist: tattered angels 

yesterday we got a BUNCH of rain--it was amazing (we don't get a lot of rain here), there was even hail.  We planted our garden on Saturday, we are hoping that the seeds didn't get washed away--I'll keep you posted on that--the kids were pretty excited to help!  I was GRATEFUL that they were willing! :)

I'm off to work and CATCH up on PL, I have the journaling done and pictures taken it's just putting it all together...
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Project life...Februrary 26-March 3

For some reason I didn't have that many pictures this week...I did have several "extra" items so I added those.. Normally I have so MUCH journaling and pictures those things don't fit...

I am currently in catch up mode with PL being on Spring Break changes my creative time.  Plus I am working on cards to sell at your  church Auction to raise money for girl's camp.  I am having SO much fun with my cameo!  I will be sharing those once I get those pictures taken.  I am really enjoying the creative control I have, making the shapes how I WANT--it's AWESOME!

I'm off to enjoy my kiddos!  Thanks for the visit today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

tricycle circa 1948...

my final share from the layouts I made with the Best. Day. Ever. kit......

 more cute pictures of my mom, I had never seen these before.  The day after I made this layout I gave it to her--she put it right on display....
The title work is a combination of a cut from mr. cricut, and those tiny letters from Lily Bee (I LOVE these--TOTALLY genius and easy to work with!)  Do you notice the tiny stamp by the heart--clever, it's the name of the kit!
 this might be hard to see BUT I actually "quilted" on this can see the zig zag, but I actually did a straight stitch and made it "crazy" driving my machine all over the strips...
this layout was inspired by Celine Navarro (if you click on her name and scroll down, you will see the layout)  What was TOTALLY cool and inspiring.  Was Celine posted on Two Peas the same day I did.  I made a comment on how she inspired me, and she left me some creative love on my layout!  Felt pretty honored....
Wanted to mention ONE more exciting thing about this was featured on the Club CK blog!!  So excited!!
Anyway, I'm off on the run!  Thanks so much for the visit today! Make your day AWESOME!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

goose girl...

using the Best. Day. Ever kit from scrapbook circle I created this page:

 some fun closeups, I really like how the jar turned out.  It was laying on my desk and the flower just happen to land on accident turned into a creation!

 the product that I was to focus on was the Jenni Bowlin Stamp Paper strips (the paper with a heart punched in it....I love these little things, I think I used them on EVERY page this month!)
now for the story about the pictures....the little girl is actually my mom!  This was taken by my grandfather while they lived in Japan right after WWII, this particular picture won a prize AND was published in the newspaper--pretty awesome!  I was really excited that I could create something unique with this special photo, what is cool I found a picture of the same goose walking around to add to the page--serendipity I tell you!  (this is not the actual picture, I scanned it...)
Well, thank you for the visit today!  I hope your day is AMAZING!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have a new house guest...

her name is ms. Cameo:
she has made friends with mr. Cricut, they're going to have to learn to get along.....because I've invested so much in both of them and I believe in them....
Anyway, she is all ready to go now I have to think of something for her to do....
stay tuned..... :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

week Feb. 19- Feb 25

yes, I finally took some pictures of my project life and wanted to share it with you:
so enjoying the creative process, adding a little here a little there.  I used a bunch of Amy Tan...this week does not bring back fond memories starting on the 22nd I was SOOO sick, I hadn't been that sick in I don't Ella was SO concerned (she looks like she has a SUPER LONG nose...)  Glad to report that it only took a week to feel better!  That was a serious bug, blessedly the other people in the house that got it DID NOT have it as bad as I did...
we also had our 6 month visit to the dentist--no cavities!!  Woohoo!  Did some organizing of scrappy stuff and my youngest had a HUGE project that he completed, even though I was sick--this was a GREAT week!  Love how this came together too--quickly! :)
Thanks for the visit today!  Hope your Project Life is coming together for you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

sports weekend...

starting on Friday we enjoyed the spring weather and PLAYED!  I volunteered to take pictures at field day, I captured some BEAUTIES!  I wanted to share a couple:
yes, proud of my sprinter boys:
  my defenders (in the blue)--my girl had a by this week...
 So glad to have a Sunday to rest!  Thanks for the visit today!