Thursday, March 22, 2012

all ready to go--Hunger Games here we come!

I've been busy.  yesterday I created something that I think my girl is going to LOOOVE!  You see tonight we are headed to see the midnight showing of Hunger Games!  I'm pretty excited I know my girl is BEYOND excited.  Monday we bought our tickets:

Yesterday's TOP SECRET project:
close up of the sleeve:
For those of you that know the book you will understand the symbols.  If you haven't read the books--why not?! :)
I'm going to surprise my girl with this tonight RIGHT before we leave!  My hubby is SO cute he wants to see the reaction on her face...

I cut these with my cameo!  REALLY loving this machine.  I learned a few things that you want to do or be aware of when cutting with heat transfer vinyl:
1. adjust your rollers.
2. when cutting make sure that your image is between the adjusted rollers.
3. when loading your vinyl MAKE SURE that the shiny plastic is on the bottom and the dull side is to the top!
4. clamp it down.
5. when cutting your vinyl MAKE SURE that you have REVERSED the image!

yes, I screwed up this 15 minute project a FEW times, it ended up taking me 2 1/2 hours--really?!  That being said I LOVE how it all turned out.  I even made me one (of course I am completely out of silver vinyl....)
I'm a little leery of being up WAY past my bed time, but I think it will be fun!  I think I'm going to go start packing tomorrow's lunches right now--I have no idea how coherent I will be in the morning!

Thanks for the visit today! 


Melissa Stinson said...

So awesome! I bet your daughter will flip out when she sees it!

Nitasha said...

How fun! Shirt is AMAZING! My son tried to get me to go to midnight showing but I think we'll hold off until Sunday afternoon! Anyway thanks so much for the tips! I just received my Cameo today, so I will be referring back to your tips for sure!

Jingle said...

These are so super fun!

Jamie Harder said...

OH my gosh you are the BEST!!! I can't what to see this movie!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

That is awesome! I did the same thing with the first shirts I made lol!

Diane Payne said...

Oh, this is so cool! I STILL haven't made it to the movie...hoping to this weekend!