Friday, March 9, 2012

orange blossoms = track

picture source: state symbols
for me anyway....I grew up here in AZ, Mesa in fact.  I ran track in another life (and I LOOVED it, was pretty good too...this is like 25 years ago people I can talk about myself!)  As a Freshman I was asked to come to the High School and run with their squad at State, we placed 6th... (to give you some idea about the area I grew up in.  My graduating class was close to 1000.  We competed with other 5a schools--so this was a BIG deal!)

The other day I had my windows open enjoying the spring weather, my neighbor has a Orange tree blossoming and the smell is AMAZING--(gives me allergy problems but I don't care!  I LOVE the smell.)  The smell always takes me back with fond memories of sprinting down the track and jumping in the sand....Yes, I was a sprinter 100, 200, 400...I did the relays as well.  My senior year I switched it up changing the 100 to long jump.  I went into divisions being #1 They took the top two to state I missed by 1/2" to an under class man from my school--she felt HORRIBLE.  Life goes on, the next year at college I PR'd with a jump of 17' 1".  I remember that day like it was was a Jr. College close to Tucson...

I guess this journaling is more for me, maybe for a future layout...but my point might also be, are there smells/sounds in your life that bring back memories?  Challenge yourself, you would be surprised at what comes to mind! :)

So today I am TOTALLY excited, both my boys will be participating in field day (track events!) I get to go and help take pictures (and YELL) and my hubby will be helping out at one of the events (such a good sport on his birthday and all!  My boys are OVER the moon excited that he will be there!)   I'm also excited that my girl is doing track again this year.  Funny things is we didn't give her a choice.  My hubby ran track (a sprinter too), he is definitely a proud papa--maybe not as loud as me but he is there cheering for his kids too!

Thanks for reading through my random post, I hope that it inspired you to think/remember and catch that moment in time to scrapbook!


Heather said...

It's fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Have fun making new memories with your boys at field day!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loved this post Diana!!!! What a great memory!! And I don't have a scent/sound... but rather a memory from sight... I grew up in NY and we had pussywillows... I just loved them so much!! They used to grow wild on the side of my house! Have fun this weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I love how certain smells bring us back to a wonderful memory! So glad this does this for you and that you shared! We got to know a little more about you! :)

Melissa Stinson said...

Such a GREAT story!! Isn't it awesome how sounds/sights/smells can take you back to things like they were yesterday?

Rebecca said...

So exciting to see the kids following in your foot steps!