Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Dakota dog...

yes, we have another dog besides Ella.  Today is her birthday--she is 11 (that is 57 in dog years)  This sounds bad but she really isn't allowed outside the front door...she barks ALL the time.  She is a miniature schnauzer (they are known for barking--she has taught Ella bad things--Vizslas are not known for barking much).  She is very sweet though.  I want to list a few things about ms. Dakota:

* she is the first to greet you when you get home.
* she cries with excitement if it's been more than one day, she is that happy to see you.
* her nicknames include: poo poo face, da code, cocoa, and grandma.
* she won't eat unless you are in the room.
* she loves rides in the car, and does very well as long as she can sniff.
* she LOVES can't even say the word B-A-L-L....
* she doesn't like Ella much...Ella likes to chew on that delectable beard--I think she is trying to remove it!
* she likes her space.  yes, she enjoys petting but once she is done--leave her alone, she find her own place to be.
* she knows it's a treat to sleep on the bed, once she is there she is a ROCK and will not move.
* she DOES NOT like to get her nails trimmed!
* she DOES NOT like the pool or baths.
* she likes to be where the parents are in the house. (in fact she is sitting on the floor close to me now.)
* she prefers to lay on something than just the carpet...if there is a sock on the ground she will lay on it--weird!
* she LOVES the sun, she will lay in spots in the house where the sun shines in and soaks it up.
* she likes to get the mail.
* she DOES NOT like beeping noises, the rice cooker scares her.
* she DOES NOT like bikes.
* she DOES NOT like little children--they move fast and pet her face!
* she watches TV, I'm not kidding she does!
* she is VERY protective!  if she feels that I am in danger she will GO AFTER whoever she thinks is offending me.
* she helps maintain the peace.  When I am telling the kids (after they get in trouble) to go to their room (usually in a raised voice) she will bark at them and herd them to their room.  (it's actually hilarious)
* she loves raw carrots and apples, she gets very excited when I chopped things in the kitchen, she will sit under me and look expectantly....
* she snores when she is REALLY sleeping...

We love this little hairy beastie, so funny that she has such a personality.  I wanted to share a layout I finished of a recent photo shoot with her...
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little closeup of the title....yes I had fun with the Jenni Bowlin punch--that took me the longest on this layout!  I used the Best. Day. Ever. kit from Scrapbook circle and the add on scatter sunshine....
thanks for the visit today!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy birthday Dakota!! You are such a pretty girl!! And I loveeeee the lo your Mama made of you!! It's beautiful...just like you!!!

Lisa Andrews said...

The background on this page looks really cool. Great way to use that punch. Sweet doggie photos and journaling.

LisaDay said...

Love your take on the sketch! Beautiful layout!!

Diana Fisher said...

Love the background on this layout!

Diane Payne said...

Love that doggie layout! the background is fabulous!

Melissa Stinson said...

Love the background!! I just picked up that same punch- it and all the other Jenni Bowlin punches were 40% off at JoAnn- wahoo!!

Rebecca said...

oh I love this, you made me miss my my dogs and all their different and usually strangle quirks.