Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm back with a CHA recap!

 CHA was a lot of fun but A LOT of work too!  Of course I have pictures, and they aren't all that great because I took them with my phone:

On our way on the plane, this is like the 3rd picture and my phone flashes every time so if we look a little dazed then that's why!  We can't see! :)

 Me with two of the house of 3 Rhonna Farrar and Janet Hopkins
 We had lunch with some of our current design team at Scrapbook Circle Lisa Spiegel, Me, Lisa Andrews, Julie Tucker-Wolek, Jennie Blaser
 Yes, that is Madison from Echo Park, he was staying in our hotel.  We stepped into the elevator and I didn't even really look at him just noticed A LOT of women with CHA badges.  The lady standing next to him was going OFF that he was Madison (I thought she worked for him, come to find out later from him she didn't!) she was speaking to another lady across the elevator who obviously didn't know about Echo Park paper...  Anyway, once she said Madison I really looked at him and said, "Echo Park ROCKS!"  he gave me a high 5, and I told him we would be DEFINITELY visiting him later.  he remembered!  Their booth was really fun--POSITIVE vibes, good candy, and GREAT lines!
 Ronda Palazzari, this was the first time I met her and I was SO excited she was there.  Funny thing I was in the Bo Bunny booth looking at paper, and look up and she is standing RIGHT next to me!  Love her work, such a SWEET person.
 Okay this picture just makes me giggle!  This is like our 3rd one and we were just laughing and having a GREAT time.  I was trying to get my picture taken with Kimber and Summer, out of the corner of my eye I see Jill sneak up.  SUPER fun shot!
 Laura Vegas, and lynn ghahary who I met both last year for the first time.  So fun to see them again!
 Okay, So Laura above is part of the CK dream team 6 of the 9 were there I think.  I was really excited to meet them.  I found Kim Watson, Linda Barber, and Piradee Talvanna, I was a little star struck, they were VERY sweet to me.
 I was also excited to meet Sarah de Guzman, she is so sweet.
Yesterday we met up with Heather Leopard one of our new design team members.  It's always fun trying to see if you can match a face with the small one you see on line!
 (thanks Lisa for having this picture up already! So I could "borrow"it!)
One last creative thing I wanted to share.  if you notice we are standing right in front of the cricut booth.   They had their debut album (see below) and they were trying to have people sign up for it.  I asked if I could look at it.  I "thought" it was the one I had something in.  
 I looked and almost towards the back I found this:
That's me!  I told the guy, I said, "even look at my name tag"--I know not good English but I was pretty excited.  He told me I could have it!  I could hardly believe it!! :)  (My copy will be coming in a few months.)  I think that it was my most favorite thing I got at CHA!  As I walked away I heard him tell the other man, "that was cool!" Made me feel kinda special.  I hadn't realized that my banner would be featured in their premier issue, so cool!  Thanks for letting me toot my horn!

One more COOL thing that happened.  Well, I thought it was cool and if you were a child of the 70's with brothers who watched this show you will understand.  I saw Lou Ferrigno!  You know the Incredible Hulk! 
Okay, no I didn't get a picture of him.  Here is why.  we were walking out chatting and I saw these muscle men coming towards us (there were several conventions going on, one was a health and fitness one, and the other had to do with some wrestlers or something....) I made the comment that maybe they were wrestlers.  About two feet away I realized I recognized him.  Then about my shoulder I knew who he was!  I started freaking out saying that was Lou Ferrigno!  Unfortunately, they didn't know who he was.  He was to far away to run after him.  I kicked myself for the next half an hour until I found this picture.  He looked JUST like that!  My hubby was a little disappointed as well as my boys.  (yes, they watch it on Netflix!)  Ah, well life goes on! :)
Thanks for sticking with me until the end to recap some of my adventure at CHA!  We planned out several kits and they are FILLED with goodness.  What's even more fun, we included ALL of the things that each of us REALLY liked.  VERY exciting! 
Hope you have a great one!  Thanks for the visit!


Tessa Buys said...

I'm SO jealous! I'm so happy that you had a fabulous and safe trip :). Thanks for the recap!

Jamie Harder said...

Well it looks like you had an AMAZING time!!! I have serious CHA envy:-) :-) Glad you had fun and CONGRATS on the Cricut pub!!

Jennifer Yates said...

Oh I LOVE your pics Diana!!! Looks like you gals had such a good time!!! How awesome to meet everyone in PERSON!!! I hope to meet you girls one day SOON!!! A HUGE CONGRATS on the publication! So proud of you girl!!! ;))

Lisa Andrews said...

This was such a fun trip! I'm so happy we went together. Love that you were in the debut Cricut magazine. That is really exciting!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like a great time was had!!!

Loved all the photos!!!

Wishing you a great one!!!

Audrey Yeager said...

I am SOOOO jealous, too!!!!! Ronda is one of my favorite scrapper, and Heahter Leopard is a very close friend of mine...we scrap together all the time!! :) So glad you had fun!!!!

Tina said...

Looks like you had a great time Diana! So glad you got to go! Oh and very cool being published! Wahoo

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

okay, until I can make it to CHA, I will live through you! haha! Love those pix! Yes I know who Lou is! =)

**CONGRATS to you!!

Linda Barber said...

Yeah! Found you. Why is that you posted a photo in which I looked tired? Dude, photoshop me happy. ;) And you met the Hulk? LUCKY! I loved him as the Hulk. It was super nice meeting you. You are a sweetheart!