Saturday, November 21, 2009

Me & Jacob--more pages from My December daily

so I've been up since like 6:15am why? We walk our neighbors dog, usually it's dh and whichever kid wants to earn some $$. But DH had to run to Home Depot at that time, BECAUSE our hot water heater went out yesterday. UGH! I was trying to take a shower RIGHT before I was leaving for the movie and it was C-O-L-D!! I am grateful for a VERY handy husband, and hot water!

So, New Moon was great! I think it was better than Twilight! Our theatre was PACKED, my friend Jennie also helped me with trivia and I won the soundtrack! Thanks again Jennie! I also bought a souvenir cup of Jacob--heck I NEVER do that AND I get a free refill next time I go in! :)
yeah, that's me and Jacob! :) It totally looks like I'm holding his hand! (I was actually making sure he didn't fall over!)--As one of the only men in the theatre pointed out during the movie. He's only 16!! That made the whole crowd of women laugh!
They did take more pictures outside with both Edward and Jacob. I had a REALLY fun time! I ran home only to leave to go to our exhibition soccer game between my DD and DS! They are 2 years apart in age so the skill levels were different. I've NEVER seen the boys play so w
ell. The girls won 3-1. It was fun to yell for both sides...Today are our last games...YIPEE!! I'm ready for a breather....
Okay, thanks for reading this far! Here are more pages of my December daily:
This actually an envelope that I cut down and sewed up to fit my 8" top.
I used a trading card holder that I cut down, this is the front and back:


Vijaya Siddharth said...

So beautiful! love the color!

Theresa C said...

You make such a cute! Annie and I went to see New Moon tonight, and we both loved it!

Catherine said...

wow! love the cards!

LotsToScrap said...

LOL! Great picture of you and Jacob!
Your blog header is wonderful!!!