Friday, November 6, 2009

Abigail's album

Do you ever find yourself distracted? What I mean is, do you ever want to start one project and realize you probably should do a couple others before you start the first one?
It's like when you clean your house. You pick up something in one room which needs to be put away in another, when you get to the other room you realize there is a mess in there that needs to be cleaned up and you start cleaning that one up--ALMOST forgetting about the first room you started cleaning...that is until you walk back in there! If your giggling, you must do this too!

What does this have to do with today? I made an album. No, not my Christmas album, but a baby album for my new niece Abigail. I thought I would have more time, she came a month early, she is doing well but needs to stay in the hospital until her due date. Anyway with the album I sort of cheated but loved how it came together:
I "cheated" because I used a kit from SEI. Everything is cut out and there is a map for where everything goes. I bought a set of 4 on clearance about a year ago. Anyway, THIS is the kit I used. I just added my own touch--sewing of course! :) SEI carries several of these in different sizes, this one happens to be 4 x 6 page protector. I like the fact that all they need to do is add pictures and journaling.
As for my other project that is NOT my Christmas album, it has to do with fall and I got the idea from the Shimmerz blog. I don't own any shimmerz (although I want too!) So I had to make do. Right now I'm in the middle of it's creation. HOPEFULLY, I will have time to finish it today!
Thanks for stopping by and reading this MEGA long post! Take care and have a FUN Friday!


Theresa C said...

The album is darling! I'm glad your new niece is doing well, and I hope she gets to come home sooner than expected :)

Stacy Milford said...

I've cheated before too...but LOVE how those albums are so quick & easy to assemble! Nothing wrong with that! Be sure & come over to my award is waiting for you :o)

Shemaine Smith said...

I love your album!Thanks for stopping by my place!

Anonymous said...

CUUUUTE! love this mini!


Tina said...

Love the album!! I never really thought of sewing right on one of those albums before. What a great idea. I stitch a lot on my layouts but you took it even further. Good Job!

emelyn said...

It's beautiful and cheating or not, it's a special gift that you made with your heart! Hugs to her and hope she is doing well!

Brandy said...

I love this album, nobody will ever know you cheated. I cheat to sometimes, but if you add your own touch how can it be called cheating, we are just getting a little assistance. Lol!!!! The album is just adorable, great job.