Sunday, April 26, 2009

So I'm up at 1am!

It's the middle of the night and ALL is quiet....why am I up?  A little boy came tapping me on the back telling me his ear hurt.  I go with him to his room and told him to lay down on the side that didn't hurt...he lay there for about 15 minutes and started to cry....poor guy!  I got up with him and gave him some ibuprofen--he went back to bed cried for another 5 minutes and must have fallen asleep.  When he feels bad he just wants to be left alone...sure hope it's only water from swimming...A couple of things I've realized being up this late/early:
--it's been a LONG time since I've been up at 1am!
--there sure are A LOT of creative people out in cyberspace.
--sure is QUIET when everyone is asleep.
--I REALLY do love being a mom even when I get woken up early in the morning.
--sure hope I can go back to sleep...

In honor of my little sick guy....the other day my older two kiddos were at piano and I was trying to think of something creative for dinner (don't ya just hate that?!--drawing a blank for dinner?) So I ask young DS--"what do you want for dinner?"  "PIZZA!"--(ya have to know that this boy could eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner & we had just had pizza a couple of days before.....) I said, "let's try again, what do you want for dinner?" "PIZZA!" At this point I realize it will be pointless to ask again, so I tell him, "here's a cupcake, go use your smart brain and think on something different for dinner." (ok, not the most healthy snack, but I figured it would give me enough alone time to use the potty--and 'maybe' have some peace and quiet.....ha!)  No sooner do I get done when a frosting covered face boy comes to me and says, "I know mom!  let's have chicken ladas! (chicken enchiladas)"  Gotta love 6 year olds!--I think we ended up with a compromise of chicken quesadillas (I know!   I asked he told me but I ran out of time!) I think it's time to try and get some shut eye, feeling a little drowsy.... Thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings of a tired mommy.

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