Thursday, April 16, 2009

DD album

My daughter made this beautiful album for her student teacher who is getting married. (I asked her permission to see if I could post this today.)  She did the majority of it herself including the flower.  All I did was cut things down, here is a sample of what she did:

She did a beautiful job and I am SUPER proud of her!  Thanks for stopping by!


Theresa C said...

She definitely takes after her mother! It's beautiful :)

Liz said...

Great work Diana! I happen to see your comment on Cosmo Cricut. Where is this scrapbook store you speak of in Gilbert? We live in Snowflake now but we lived in the valley for 4 months and I never knew where a scrapbook store was.

emelyn said...

She did a TERRIFIC job!! WTG!!! I'm sure her teacher will LOVE it!!