Wednesday, October 1, 2014

my family.

Lately I've been finding all sorts of gems of pictures in "vintage" (funny when you are talking about yourself) pictures that have come from my grandma's picture books:
closer up:

I created this page using the SOLD OUT here + then kit by Scrapbook Circle.

What I LOVE about this page:

*I know I'm not even looking at the picture but I love what I KNOW about this page.  It was taken in my childhood home in Yakima Washington (I can tell from the window coverings)

*All of the clothes we are wearing were made by my mom--she is a pretty amazing seamstress!

*The rocking chair my brother is sitting in, we bought just especially for my baby brother--I remember going to the store and picking it out.  WAY on the upper level of the store--I was 5.  It now sits in my front room--a little more worn...

*on my ring finger of my left hand is a ring my grandparents made for me, I still have it but it won't fit on my finger now.

*of course the GOLD circles!

My challenge to you is to look at your pages and LOVE them!  Take time to maybe pick out just WHY you created that page--what makes you love it!  If you don't love your page--what is ONE thing you DO like about it! (I've gotta be real, sometimes I create something and put it RIGHT into the scrapbook so I DON'T have to look at it again...)

Thanks for the visit today--make your day FABULOUS!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So gorgeous! LOVING the gold accents!!!!

Heather Leopard said...

I absolutely LOVE this. Fantastic design

Ashley Horton said...

I love the photo Diana and you chose the perfect papers and embellishments to scrap it!!

Patricia Roebuck said...

This is a VERY special page. I love love the story behind this and that awesome photo. You scrapped this well!! I have quite a few I don't like. Great post!

Rebecca said...

What a sweet photo and wonderful memories. I love the die cut title and butterflies too. And how CUTE are you and your brothers?

Lisa Andrews said...

I love that you have such great memories associated with this "vintage" photo.