Thursday, October 30, 2014

gilbert tiger lacrosse.

 So my youngest decided to switch from soccer to Lacrosse.  He isn't small by any means as you can tell from the second picture.  I seriously LAUGH every time I see the second picture.  He plays defend and he plays U6 which means he is 6th grade or younger.

Side note: he was subbed out like 30 seconds after this little kindergartener was subbed in.  He told me after the game that he was worried he was going to hurt him.  He may be a giant but he is also a sweetheart--his nickname is Sweetness but I can ONLY call him that at home... ;)

So Fall ball has started and he has a few more weeks of that before their tournament in December.  He has a better stick now and a new pair of FANCY Lacrosse shorts--we are slowly building his necessary items (gloves, helmet, and pads--they are EXPENSIVE!)  Thankfully we could use his fancy soccer cleats that he LOVES!
here are a few close ups:
 I used the On this Day kit from Scrapbook Circle to complete this layout--my challenge was to use the wooden stars included.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooo gorgeous! I love love love the colors and the stars!!!

Ashley Horton said...

I love the multi-colored title on the triangle patterned paper, Diana!!