Thursday, September 11, 2014

benson cousins.

the other day my 11 year old said, "time sure is moving fast!"  I thought it ironic as for adults we are the ones to say that and the younger generation usually says, "time is moving SO SLOW!"  That being said I have been trying to EMBRACE what is going on around me.  FULLY enjoying my children their accomplishments, goals, scary times (as yesterday at the dentist was for a certain young man).  This layout today was based on a circle challenge up on the Scrapbook Circle Blog:

On the blog I go into more detail of the creative process behind the page--I was seriously in LOVE with those sparkly gold circles!

I wanted to talk about the why of this picture.  My uncle passed away suddenly at the beginning of the year.  To say he was a giant teddy bear would've been an understatement.  He was a big man who had a LARGE LOVING heart.  He lived in California but came to Arizona regularly to visit his mom and brothers.  The experience of going to his funeral brought with it some wonderful bonding/solidifying memories I made with my brothers and quick catch up with some cousins who I haven't seen/and don't really know.  I know as we celebrated my uncle's life he smiled down on us as he saw us gathered as a family.  One of the coolest things I thought was, there were TWO professional photographers, one is my cousin the other was my aunt's brother (he took this picture)--GREAT camera (glad I brought mine!) and wonderfully composition.  SO glad I went and took the time--we were only able to stay for a few hours...  Some of the things I've learned from this and other experiences in the past year is TAKE advantage of what you have RIGHT in front of you!  ACT on those thoughts that come to your mind even if you might think they are silly!  DO it!  That time might not come again--EMBRACE life!  That all being said aren't my cousins/brothers a GREAT looking group?!

Thanks SO much for the visit today--hope your day is FANTASTIC!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such a great family photo! I loveeeeee this! LOVING all the gold!!!!

Ashley Horton said...

Love this Diana!! The touches of Gold look awesome on your page!!

Jingle said...

Gold. Circles. LOVE!!!!!