Monday, August 18, 2014

photography tips.

I LOVE taking pictures--always have, it's a fun hobby for me.  I recently sent my camera in for cleaning--talk about STRESSFUL, it was like cutting my arm off!  (it needed a good cleaning, PLUS the grips were coming off!)
I'm always looking for new was to take better pictures.  I am a study it out and try it kind of girl.  I personally subscribe to the Digital Photography school blog.  The other day they had 15 of the best cheat sheets for taking better pictures.  Of course not all of the sheets stood out to me but the few that did were:
what are your favorite places to get photography ideas?  What do you shoot with?
Thanks for the visit-looking forward to hearing from you!


Gina Lideros said...

great post! I shoot with my trusty 7D and would feel lost without it too. Another great blog to read is Capture Your 365 by Katrina Kennedy. I followed her prompts to shoot the SuperMoon last week :)

Rich Hendrix said...

Make a bokeh of any kind, and hold it over the lens. But the aperture has to be very large if you are using this kind of a bokeh. The bokeh is simply to be made by cutting out a cardboard to a shape, and then sharpening it by a knife. The shape should be large enough to accommodate a nickel.

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