Saturday, August 9, 2014

howdy hey!

Hello to everyone who still visits me here on the blog!  This summer has been FULL of fun stuff, I have been creating fun creative items, and cooking items from Pinterest.  I really wanted to spend the summer just playing with the family.
Wednesday school started with mixed emotions I sent the kiddos to school:
I missed them like crazy, so I went to the gym then spent the whole day organizing stuff.  Truth be told my youngest got his iPod taken away and I hid it (months ago) and can't remember where I put it!  It's also a GREAT motivation for him to come and help me! ;0)

Yesterday I spent the day organizing my pages into chronological order in my books--yep I like how they look that way!  I think I had like 100 pages to put away...ugh, not a job I necessarily enjoy BUT I do like looking over my pages and seeing the creative process in each one!

Before I leave I wanted to share one of my pages for my last American Crafts gallery, I have been truly HONORED to be a part of their design team for these past 2 years, it's helped me to grow as a designer and work with some of my Scrapbook HEREOS--thanks AC:
My FAVORITES about this layout:
* I used one of my FAVORITE lines from American Crafts Plus One
* I am used a bunch of scraps! :)  I cut squares on most of these and reassembled in a random order...
* the memory from that day, it was unusually hot BUT the experience was SO fun!
* the layered embellishments
* the sewing--it's a bit hard to see but I quilted the WHOLE page.

Thanks SO much for the visit today!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Brookie went back to school this past Wednesday also!! Big 2nd grader! And Adam starts his Senior year on Monday! I loveeeee the photos and loveeeee your lo! That background is AWESOME!!!!!!

Madeline said...

Fabulous page; love the quilting! Have to laugh about the ipod. Sounds like something I would do!

Keathe said...

I totally love the background done with scraps! I misplace my kids' kindles all the time when I put them away for 'safe keeping' :)

Ashley Horton said...

Great photos of your kiddos Diana!! I love your gallery layout! The triangles in your design look awesome!!

Kim said...

totally love the patch work effect!