Wednesday, November 20, 2013

7th grade.

So the sketch challenge went up on the Scrapbook circle blog this past week--LOVED the sketch!  here is the sketch and my take:
I seriously LOVE this paper!!  ALL of it (it's from the Home Sweet Home kit) --this day for my boy was pretty exciting and I'm glad that I have a camera on my phone!  One of my friend's daughter saw me taking pictures of my son and asked, "mom, you aren't going to take pictures of me like that?" said in a horrified tone...I just laughed because my kids and any kid that knows me--has come to realize that I will take their picture ANYWAY!  And the funny thing is--even though they say they're embarrassed they really like it!  And the kids that aren't having their pictures taken really WANT to have their picture taken! (*side note--I found a page I had done of me where my mom tried to take my picture and did anyway, I kept covering my face and acting goofy.  I remember that day!  I was a little embarrassed but my friends stepped up smiled and MADE me take the picture!  And I'm glad I have them now--thanks mom!)
There is a FUN prize for the winner of this challenge go check out the BLOG for all the details!
 thanks SO much for the fun visit today!


Ashley Horton said...

Awesome photo Diana! And I love how that ombre paper works so well with the color in the photo! And I definitely agree with everything you said about taking the photos!! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! They will never learn, will they??? LOL!! We are going to take the photos anyways!! I loveeeeeeee this!! LOVING the colors and that photo!!!!!

Lisa Andrews said...

You are the best pictures taker I know! Really fun page + story!