Saturday, September 27, 2008


So life right now in our house revolves around soccer....Today it was 101, yeah yuck!!  But the kiddos did so well....Last week they had the firemen come because people suffered from heat exhaustion, this week they were there again but didn't see anyone down...maybe it was just a precaution.  I did get some most fabulous shots of my fabulous soccer kids.  It's really interesting to see their growth:
DD stopping a quick ball and jumping over it, (was really cool to see)
DS making a sweet save as goalie, this year is his first year playing full field.
DS doing a kickin, they are so fun to watch because everyone just chases the balls all over the fields.
Yes, you will most likely see these pictures on upcoming soccer pages, I love to have some action shots on my layouts to help remember a great season!

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