Friday, September 19, 2008

Life is CRAZY busy!!

Okay, so life is CRAZY right now.  The kiddos have started back to soccer, that means M-TH practices, & Saturday games.  Add to that loveliness piano lessons, cub scouts, activity days every other week, and helping in the classroom.  Plus a washer going out and having to buy another add some birthday parties and you have this week.  
Oh, I forgot to mention I went bra shopping yesterday.  Talk about a good time, NOT!!!  Yeah, I know!  Why is it SO difficult?!  I picked up 10 and the first one worked the others....forget it!  That was PURE luck, I tell you!  
Funny story, after I had my last baby I went bra shopping all by myself.  You ladies that have nurse know that you are never the same EVER again.  Anyway, I went by myself.  I kept picking bras out left and right, nothing was working.  Well, DH calls me on my cell while I am in the dressing room at which point I am on the verge of tears!  (I'm sure the other ladies could hear me in there!)  He asks me, when are you coming home?!!  I told him the situation amongst tears and luckily he understood, and let me off the phone.  3 hours later I found something that worked, and I bought 2!!
***disclaimer: this was to explain the lack of creative goodies, and I got a little side you ever do that?***

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happydays525 said...

Oh Diana! I can totally relate! I hated bra shopping after fact, I actually wore some of my nursing bras well after I was done nursing dd just because they were the only ones that I could find that fit normal! Ack! =)

Hang in there, hope your weekend is a good one!