Wednesday, December 2, 2015

celebrate everyday.

For my page today I wanted to focus on some candid pictures of my son getting kidnapped for his birthday back in September.  It was pretty cute!
I got a text from one of the kids asking if they could come and kidnap him and take him on an adventure.  Sure, it was funny they hid down the side of the house.  One person went to the door and grabbed him and then they all blind folded him.  Such a special memory for my son, and I wanted him to have it to look at and remember.  I think some times we get caught up in whether our page is "just right" more than telling a story.  To me scrapbooking is about telling the stories behind the pictures, the cuteness and design come second.

Some of the funny things to point out--Ella dog got SO excited she wasn't listening.  She wanted to know what was on his face!  Eventually my daughter had to come out and grab her.  And I think it's very sweet that his dad wanted to be involved (checking out) just what was happening as well.  Gotta LOVE candid photography!

 love this little closeup:
Thanks SO much for the visit today--hope your day is AWESOME!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooooooo fun! LOVING that you documented this! And too funny about Ella! HA!