Friday, May 16, 2014

the finish.

okay, so I promise that this is the last post about track UNTIL next season! ;)  So remember THIS post?!  Well, here is the end of the story....Thursday my girl skipped practice as she wasn't feeling well.  Friday she went to practice and practice her marks for her triple jump, and her starts (in the blocks) and coming over the hurdles.  In this practice she hit her heel pretty hard, so much so it was swollen and bruised, it hurt to put weight on it.
But she woke up the next morning ready to go--wanting to win!  THAT to me was a good sign.  Well, REMEMBER she was seeded 4th (meaning she had the 4th fastest qualifying time).  Anyway, they line up and they run, she wasn't the first out of the blocks...WAIT!  I can show you--she is in lane 7 (3rd closest to the screen--in the black uniform):
I was cheering and then I started SCREAMING like a LUNATIC, I forgot who I was and just SCREAMED!  She took SECOND!!  I don't know who was more proud-me, my hubby, or the coaches!  She also PR'd (personal record) by A LOT!  She said after the race that she didn't get out of the blocks fast because she was thinking about her heel.  A couple of coaches from other schools were so impressed with her they came up to her and talked to her.  She is one of those kids that LOVES the competition but NOT the attention that comes with it!
This was shot from the stands as I KNOW she didn't want me down there...the girl who won is also the 4 time winner of the 100 & 200 she is FAST!
So I have a funny story to tell, because of my CRAZY loud screaming I added the music.  Well, two of her coaches were there taping.  The one coach shared it with ALL of his classes and a BUNCH of teachers.  He did so with the volume DOWN, some kids asked why--he said well...her mom is yelling pretty loud.  That was the beginning of the week.  Yesterday I got a text from one of my Sunday School kids telling me that they got to watch the video in an assembly WITH the volume.  UGH!  How embarrassing!  I guess the people that know my girl would know me and know that I am LOUD!  Again, she was embarrassed by all the was AWESOME!
Remember the triple jump?  Well, she ended up 4th mixing 3rd by 1/2"..Here is her fourth place jump:
yep!  She did great with ANOTHER PR!  If you watch her walk out of the pit she limps a little.  She said it hurt EVERY time she jumped.  FIERCE competitor I would say...

Thanks for indulging me ONE more time!  I promise I'll come back with some crafty stuff I was just SO excited I had to share!
Thanks for the visit!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That is soooooooo awesome! CONGRATS to her new PR's!!!!