Tuesday, December 27, 2011

taking a little break....

not from blogging NO way! :)  I've just had the spring cleaning bug hit me.  I've had nail pops that needed patching and painting, things that I haven't used, worn for a LONG time.  Time to donate so someone else can get use out of it and out of my house! :)  Feels good, feels like I can breathe....I still have other places that need cleaning but focusing on the small first so I don't get distracted.
Wanted to share some EXCITING!  The January kit from Scrapbook Circle, You + Me (cute name huh?)
LOVE the Kraft paper, red, and....it's just FUN!  I SO loved creating with this kit--keep tuned in for some pages!
 Well, my break is over! :)  Thanks for the quick visit--hope your day is AWESOME!


Rebecca said...

Can you send some of your energy my way. I made it to the gym this a.m. but that is about it. Not feeling like cleaning or doing anything else productive ;)

Elizabeth said...

So funny you got the bug too! I did our room and bathroom plus put away and re-organized our Christmas stuff! I took 4 garbage bags filled with stuff! I love going through out stuff and getting rid of things that are just sitting there!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good luck with the spring cleaning! I am hoping to get mine done after I get back from CHA :):):):):):):):):):):)