Friday, July 2, 2010

picture board

Here is another share from something I made at the Super Saturday last week. BTW if your name starts with H and you have red hair--avert your eyes! This looks SO much better in person:
This measures 2' x 2'. My friend had it cut down at home depot then she painted it. The frame is 12" x 12". I'm SO going to do another one for me using the colors in my house--LOVED these papers but realized that they matched the H person's house better than mine.....
Anyway, cut your papers to 6" x 6". you then start gluing from the top left. But first line them up giving yourself a border. You will have overlap....then begin gluing the top left then the second THEN the other corner and finally the 3rd in the row. you will continue to do that until the whole board is covered except the center. Some people opted to also do the 6" x 6" in the center--I LOVED this grid paper so I used it instead. What do you use it for? Well, you can put a large picture, or scrapbook page. The lady that did the demo had pictures of her grand kids. TOTALLY cute!
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