Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I know I posted  this lovely tree before but, I neglected to give the instructions!  So here they are:
Paint frame.

 2.    Put frame face down on pattern paper so that the pattern you want on the front is “looking” at the front of your frame, lightly trace with a pencil. 

4.    Turn the frame over and place within the traced frame, and lightly trace the inner part of your window.

5.     Cut out large traced piece with scissors.  For the inner window use an x-acto  knife.

6.     With your Cricut (Christmas Cheer) cut your tree at 4 ½”with lighter green heavier cardstock, next cut the same tree twice at 4 ½” with darker green cardstock on shadow mode.

7.       You will cut your tree at 4 1/2” with brown cardstock (for trunk) and yellow (for the star).  Once these are cut, trim trunk off the brown and cut off the star out of the yellow.  Glue these to your lighter green cardstock.

8.     Poke holes randomly on tree to place brads (for Christmas balls), I used 5.  Then set brads.

9.     Once glue is dry and your layers of tree are secure, put glitter glue on tips of branches.

13.  With your red pattern paper cut with your Cricut (Accent Essentials), set at 4” accent 47.  Once cut glue to your window.  **To make it evenly glued I turned it over so I could see the wrong sides and eyeballed the distance**

15 Next type O Christmas Tree, **remember you only have a 3x3” space** this is on white cardstock.  To cut out centered, I took the original cardboard piece from frame and pierced the center.  I then centered over the S of Christmas and lightly traced around it and cut it out.

16.With your ink pad lightly distress the edges.

17. Your tree should be dry now, place pop dots on back.  For the star and trunk I layered two one on top of the other so that it would be even height with the other pop dots.  Placed tree to the side, and you’re done!

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