Monday, June 25, 2018

Makeup Monday.

I like choices and I LOVE makeup!  I do-I currently am a presenter for Younique; and I enjoy what I do.  With that in mind I would like to share every Monday a tip or product that I personally love!  I do have a Instagram account where I post regularly if you want to follow there it's Gloss, Color Sparkle.
Are your lips READY for summer?!
Lip Bonbons are Tinted lip balm and are seriously one of my FAVORITE products EVER!  Honestly I have not been much of a lipstick wearer.  I think it's because I wasn't allowed to wear it, and I always seem to be running somewhere and I honestly FORGET.  
My lips do get dry so I like having something that I can put on without having to look at the mirror or worrying about getting it on my teeth.  ;)
(I had to apply a few coats more than I normally wear for the camera) 

Why I LOVE them:
* they add a touch of color without a lot of attention.
* the lid screws on!  That means the lid isn't coming off in my pocket or purse.
* it doesn't melt in the heat!
* it feels good on my lips-it hydrates!

These have been one of my most popular items I sell, they can be purchased individually or all together at a discount.  This is the link for INDIVIDUAL sale, you can select in the drop down menu.  And HERE is the link to the bundle.

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